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How to write an analysis essay

How to write an analysis essay

An analysis or analytical essay allows the writer to make an analysis about a topic or a text. A critic who wants to make an analysis about a certain text usually uses this kind of essay. In every literary work, there is always an issue. If you are assigned to make an analytical essay without any provided literary work, what you have to find is any essay, text or article that you want to analyze and work on. After finding the document that you will be analyzing, you can start with the first step on writing your analytical essay. Given that there is a provided document, the first thing you need to do is find the problem with text. It can be the grammar, the selection of words used or the content itself.

You can start the analysis with the technicalities and then go to the major problem that you think the text has. Analytical essay majorly works on finding what is wrong with a literary work and stating those issues will be the content of your introduction. The next part will be the body of your essay, which is the longest part. In the body, you will criticize how the author worked on conveying the message he or she wants to convey. You will have to convince your readers that you have foolproof judgments and that your criticisms are reasonable. The third part will consist of your personal input about the author and his or her literary work. You can mention how the author can make his work better. Your opinion should be enlightening and not discriminating to the author so that you will still get good feedback although you are criticizing someone’s work. The last part is the conclusion, and just like any essay, you can give a brief summary about the essay.

The most important thing that you should explain is the relation of your arguments and analysis to the analyzed text. It is a very important thing to mention that relation so that your readers will understand why you did the analytical essay and why you chose that literary work for you to analyze.

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